Wednesday, 17 September 2014

How To make a RAT Trojan using Cybergate Tool

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1) What is a R.A.T?
R.A.T is remote administration tool. In other words, Hacker can access victim's PC by installing this RAT trojan in Victim's PC.That hacker can do anything with victim's PC.
For example:
 a)hacker will able to move his mouse and keyboards
b)hacker will able to see victim by hacking his webcam and etc.

2) Which is the best RAT?
I dont use many RATs . The best that i ever used is Cybergate RAT
So now, lets get started.

Step:1 here i will make a trojan using CyberGate Tool..
So u can download it from here and extract it in a folder.

for download cybergate visit

Step2: deactivate your antivirus and firewall for sometime...because these consider this as a trojan.
now dont be confused about this is my official blog..

and register a account on NO-IP site.

step3:after logged in you have to add a host..

Now type in your name at hostname.and choose any domain. you dont have to follow the same name like in the picture below.

now you can see that you have successfully created a host.
now download the no-ip duc client that is available at that site.

click the windows version.

once done downloading, run the program. sign in using your no-ip username and password.
and press select host and you can see your host there. click at the box and press save .

now its time to set up your cybergate RAT SERVER

run the cybergate rat that you have extracted into a folder.
there will be agreement which you got to wait for a few seconds before agreeing.

next: Control center--->start

now a box would have type in 100 and press the go image button.
and type in the connection password as 123456
and click save

now press: control center--->builder--->create server

now a box would appear.
click new

press the name of the new user and ok

now double click the new user.

after that you will the connection tab.
view the picture for better understanding.

if you want to test the server on yourself or same lan networkk, then you have to edit the to
if you want to test on others, then add:

change the identification to cyber and password to 123456

now press the installation tab and use the same setting as mine.
Install directory is the where the server installs
%Program Files%
it is more better to use "system"
Boot: this will be the startup option. check everything and press random 5 times so that the server will start everytime your victim start the computer
Directory is the place where the server will be situated
File Name will be the name of the server in the directory
change the creation date
persistence will inject the server into the victim,s pc until success
for inject into just use default browser
dont choose hide file because it will make your server detectable by all antivirus

go to anti debug tab and check all

and then go to create server tab
check use icon,delayed execution, and google chrome password
delayed execution will be the time taken for the server to inject into victim's pc .
google chrome password will help you to steal google chrome passwords.
a pop up will appear and just press ok

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  1. thanx for sch a nyc tutorial........ ;)

  2. Hello man, I tried this out but don't seems to work
    This is what I got nss3.dll and mozglue.dll is missing from you computer

  3. i done all the procedure
    but only will work
    if we execute the server on other pc that it didn't respond

    1. Instead of this you can use ProRat of Poisonous Ivy... same procedure...
      if your virus is installed in any system you ll get notified (only if you enable the mail notification)... then all you need is to connect your client to the server.

      but i ll sugest you to use Meterpreter... or MSF_PRO which comes with multiple encryption :)

    2. Okay so the person saying use meterpreter is suggesting something completely different. What u need to do is open ports by port forwarding your router not sure exactly which one but somewhere during the setup it probably says yournoipurl:portnumberyouneed

  4. No a great tool

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